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This website is launched in April 2023.  It is not based on showing nice pictures of hifi products but in serving you content material.
By selecting a ‘Brand‘ and corresponding ‘Info‘, this page will serve you available infos of brands, catalogs, papers, price lists and reviews.


☞ In the near future also a gallery, manuals and blogs will added.

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Support and Service

We are specialized in system setup, room acoustics, room tuning, system tuning, electrosmog and electrostress prevention.
To serve and support our customers adequately you can contact us by email, phone, Whatsapp and FaceTime.
If you need some personal advise and would like to discuss by phone, you are welcome to send us a ‘CALL ME BACK’ request form.
that you will find on the CONTACT page.
Click on the SALES button and type your local telephone or mobile number, choose your <country> and choose <brand>.


☞ We speak and write Dutch, German & English.

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