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Daluso was founded in 2001 and started as a manufacturer of aluminium loudspeakers. Daluso stands for: Design ALUminium SOund systems. You can read our design anf development approach in one of the Dutch ‘review’ reports.

Daluso is world-wide the first manufacturer of fully extruded aluminium loudspeakers. The main cabinet part is a fully enclosed elliptical shaped tube, extruded to Daluso’s own design philosophy, drawings and specifications (2000/2001). Designing took 0,5 year and engineering 2,0 years.


In 2003 we started our manufacturing and marketing activities on full time basis. Developing a marketing concept, building a website, presenting at shows, visiting dealers, advertisings, reviews, etcetera. A lot of work in an economic difficult period.


To generate some money, it’s early 2005, Daluso started importing and distributing  some audio brands in the Benelux market. Harmonix and Reimyo were our first and well selling brands. Harmonix was, and still is today, a very special brand. It brought us to a new and higher levels of knowledge and understanding playback music: sound quality, sound improvement, room acoustics, sound perception, sound experience and most important ‘loving music passionately’.


After representing some other brands, AMR Audio was added in 2007 to the Daluso portfolio. In 2010 we were forced  to stop AMR. We really loved the AMR sound, and still do.


In 2010 we also stopped manufacturing our Daluso loudspeakers.  ‘Died in Beauty’ is we always said. According to colleague manufacturers and distributors, Daluso came 10 years too early on the market.


Meanwhile new brands came and leave, nothing really up to our taste, until in 2013 the AMR-team approached us to become one of their first iFi Audio distributors. It took us 3 years to establish and settle iFi Audio in the Dutch/Belgium market. Because of some differences of opinion we left iFi Audio early 2017.


In November 2015 Daluso became also the Harmonix-Hijiri-Reimyo distributor for Germany and Austria.


In 2017 Vortex HiFi came along and kept on fascinating us up till today.

Vortex HiFi is a new chapter in the field of sound improvement of (playback) music and wellness.


In 2019 ISOL-8, JERN and THÖRESS showed up.


And than early 2020 there was COVID-19.

During lockdowns we did a unique research, initiated by new Vortex HiFi devices based on their Oscillation Alignment (OA) technology.  The unique results were fascinating and staggering at the same time, and brought us to a new level of knowledge and understanding ‘Electrosmog’ and ‘Electrostress’, and how to deal with it in terms of preventing and reducing electrostress and geopathic stress, also regarding listening (playback) music.


In association with Daluso, Vortex HiFi started focussing on global distribution in 2023.

- Daluso -