Music is art

passion and emotion


We human kind are by far the most gifted creatures on Planet Earth. We are gifted to create and communicate music, and enjoy it passionately. Music, in many kinds of expression, creates strong motions of true involvement and emotions. It also brings us to higher spiritual levels of mutual understanding and well-being.

Music is Art. Therefore playback music deserves a Best Sound … Forever.

Best sound Forever

How to take such tough statement? It’s very simple: Without using the impacable Harmonix/Hijiri and the extraordinary Vortex HiFi you will never be able to reach the highest level in Sound Performance: Sound Quality, Perception and Experience. Not even close!


Basically you always have to deal with peripheral issues such as room acoustics, (room) resonances, mains power and signal quality, electrosmog/electrostress and of course system setup. Harmonix, Hijiri, ISOL-8 and Vortex HiFi are important brands to fulfill such peripheral conditions.

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We are specialized in system setup, room acoustics, room tuning, system tuning, electrosmog and electrostress Prevention.
To serve and support our customers adequately you can contact us by email, phone, Whatsapp and FaceTime.
If you need some personal advise and would like to discuss by phone, you are welcome to send us a ‘CALL ME BACK’ request form.
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☞ We speak and write Dutch, German & English.


Daluso is based in The Netherlands.
All brands and products we represent can be purchased in our international network of authorized dealers: Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Netherlands.
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Over the years our program is carefully selected for those people who are really serious about music.In todays highly demanding consumer markets we do our very best to advise and support customers in achieving the best possible sound with their audio equipment to passionately enjoy music at the highest levels.
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Vortex HiFi

Click on the INFOS button for catalogs, papers and/or reviews for each brand

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